General Rules:

These rules do apply for operators and players.

1. No griefing:

Do not damage buildings/structures created by other players, this also means the surrounding area of the property, this also means the resources from other players food/rare items and animals which are fenced in.

2. No stealing:

Items in chests which are on the property of other players should not be touched nor opened to check the contents.  Chests and crafting equipment that are in the open world can be looted and taken.

3. No cheating or hacking:

We do not allow custom mods which are client based which could affect/benefit you or other players in your team.

4. No swearing:

We do not allow any offensive language/swearing on the server, we have an audience of all ages, please respect everyone equally!

5. No offensive signs, buildings, or speech:

We do not allow any sexual tinted statues, sexual or harassing language, buildings should be friendly for all ages!

6. Do not advertise other servers:

We do not allow any promoting other servers in chat, this also means receiving complaints about private messages and leeching to join other servers.

7. No spamming:

Who likes attention seekers?

8. Don’t beg to become staff:

We will not tolerate any type of begging to get Operator status, we will assign users with Operator status under certain conditions which can be asked for by the Operators in world or on our forum.

9. Don’t be rude, and do not harrass:

You know how to be polite everywhere else, please do respect everyone and everything just as the General rules

10. Staff will not repair nor replace items lost on the Survival Server.